Who’s Gone Gaga?

If you’re looking for a Lady Gaga fan blog, you just came to the wrong place. This lady answers to the name Gaga^, though. Where I come from, “gaga^” is an abbreviated translation of  “loved,” but yes,  “crazy, overly enthusiastic, and preoccupied” work fine for me as well.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left the study of public policy and ended up in the corporate world, which I eventually left after earning a graduate degree in a wild attempt to break into writing. A totally obscure  copy writer-slash-language instructor-slash-university lecturer, I am fixated on my facebook hypothesis, books, movies, hibiscus flowers, hummingbirds, and tumbleweeds. You can’t talk to me when I’m watching CSI, and I’m immune to alarm clocks.

Needless to say, I’m just another person struggling to stay crazy in this pretentiously sane world. Will write, sing, and dance for books and plane tickets. Fab shoes wouldn’t hurt either!


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