31 days of 31

I wouldn't call myself bipolar... yet

So, this is what 31 feels like!

Day 1, Aug 23: Social networking sites are the new Cinderella ball. Its culture demands that you allow yourself to become a rock star for a day–and the guitar technician the next.

Day 2, Aug 24: People are fickle. One major, major mistake turns heroes into pariahs.

Day 3, Aug 25: There’s a very thin line dividing sense of humor and insensitivity. Don’t toe the line. The Internet is forever. Think before you post.

Day 4, Aug 26: Sometimes, Facebook brings people together only to push them further apart.

Day 5, Aug 27:  All people dream. Some dream of a life. Some live their dreams. Others live as if they’re dreaming–helplessly sucked into one scene after another, without understanding how and why. Life’s surreal that way.

Day 6, Aug 28: God’s sense of humor is great… until he pulls a joke on you. (+)

Day 7, Aug 29: When you remain silent, you’ll never know that you’re not alone.

Day 8, Aug 30: Love for your job is like a fart. You’ll just know it when it’s there.

Day 9, Aug 31: If you come across someone who makes you happy and sad on the same day, RUN! No one should have that much power over you.

Day 10, Sep 1: You’ll know who and what you love more when something good and bad happens to them on the same day. How did you feel?

Day 11, Sep 2: Lightning can strike the same place twice, and you happen to be in the right place both times. God can pull the same joke on you, and it’s so sad, because you have such high expectations. You were hoping that He’d be  more original, at least. (+)

Day 12, Sep 3: Teaching is 10% preparation, 20% performance arts, and 70% divine intervention.

Day 13, Sep 4: You’ll know you’re 9 years away from 40 when you start crying over cartoons.

Day 14, Sep 5: Sometimes, you wonder whether people can read your mind. Just when you’ve decided that you don’t belong there, the place will suddenly become warm and welcoming. It’s like when you decide to get your long, unmanageable hair cut one day, and then you wake up in the morning without a frizz in sight.

Day 15, Sep 6: You know you’ve got it bad when the mere sight of someone’s name causes your heart to jump. It’s so cheesy, but it happens. Sh*t happens.

Day 16, Sep 7: The Law of Proximity in action: You open up more to people within a “safe distance.”

Day 17, Sep 8: Every student is a mission.

Day 18, Sep 9: Children and parades have one thing in common: They give you freedom to be foolish. No one will care tomorrow.

Day 19, Sep 10:  Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing that you have influenced a young person’s life (and a promising one at that!). Getting to wear Louboutin shoes would probably come close but not quite.

Day 20, Sep 11: Money may not buy peace of mind, but it does buy you choices.

Day 21, Sep 12: To know whether you’re getting to the right place, you have to ask yourself why you want to be there.

Day 22, Sep 13: Teaching is its own reward. Ignore those who say, “Those who can’t do teach.” Those who have done it well… teach.

Day 23, Sep 14: As a teacher, you’re only as good as your last class. Don’t stare too long at your reflection on the polished apple. “Re-create” yourself every day.

Day 24, Sep 15: You can work around the clock, and still the work will never be done. Strike a balance.

Day 25, Sep 16: Without births and deaths, it wouldn’t be called “life.”

Day 26, Sep 17: If you were paid by the government to do a forecast based on gut feel, you’d be a millionaire by now.

Day 27, Sep 18: It takes a second to click a button, but half a day to secure your privacy settings.

Day 28, Sep 19: People would want to know God more if church did less HR.

Day 29, Sep 20: Sometimes, the only way to win the battle is to walk away from a fight.

Day 30, Sep 21: Polish the red stilettos, and they’ll start polishing apples.

Day 31, Sep 22: You’ll be surprised to learn that even YOUR life is not always about you.


3 thoughts on “31 days of 31

  1. how are you!This was a really admirable post!
    I come from itlay, I was luck to discover your blog in baidu
    Also I obtain much in your subject really thank your very much i will come later

  2. On Day 3, we can still delete right? Damage control, maybe? 🙂
    Day 14, when it happens, you’ll never know if you’d jump for joy or curse silently.
    Day 28 and Day 31, I’d say…AMEN!

    Great post TS!

    • @cat_princess on hitting “delete,” we can do that, yeah. Unfortunately, even if we do, the words had been out, and there’s a very good chance that someone else had already been influenced, or worse, hurt. It’s the consequence we can’t delete. Thanks for dropping by, TS! It feels like being on Friendster Blogs again. So much activity!

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