Pinay Ako!

Still a Success–Yup, even a MAJOR MAJOR one!

Not long ago, I could’ve sworn that, despite criticisms, we did justice to the slogan “Where I’m from, everyone’s a hero.” The last two days, however, were an entirely different story.

From the tragedy of the epic hostage drama to Venus Raj’s faux pas, what seems to hold true right now is this: where I come from, everyone is nitpicky. So as not to disappoint, I took the liberty of doing a little nitpicking of my own–this time, directed at the nitpickers:

In this world where everything good seems to be fleeting–time, beauty, and glory–we can’t help but add our nature of love in the list, can we? Just 48 hours ago, we were all prayers for Ms. Raj. We were bordering on melodrama by saying that she is the hope for redemption of a country forever on the process of healing from something. Within minutes after the Miss Universe 2010 question-and-answer portion, “major major” went up the trending topic list, and it was the joke–not the crown–that was on the unfortunate Ms. Raj’s head. *Sigh* To rephrase a Fred Allen quote, “[A celebrity’s] popularity is fleeting. [Her] success has the life expectancy of a small boy who is about to look into a gas tank with a lighted match.”  The saddest part is that the joke sure did not originate from the Mexicans, the Jamaicans, the Ukrainians, and the Aussies. How fickle and fleeting our loyalty is. Oh, and it did not end there. We were playing the blame game all over the place, that if it weren’t just proverbial finger-pointing, one of us would have ended up poking the younger and sexier Mr. Baldwin in the eye. By accident, of course.

I wasn’t so surprised, though. After all, we had a lot of practice from the day before. We’ve been blaming and making a laughingstock of former Senior Inspector Ronaldo Mendoza, the Manila police, the PNP, the SWAT, the media, P-Noy, and most likely, even Baby James’ yaya Gerbel.

My boyfriend used to say that he really admires the Noyps’ sense of humor. I’ve celebrated that in one of my old blogs, too. Now, I guess our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness. I hate to say this, but there’s a Willie Revillame in all of us. We feel that people love us too much for being funny that we allow ourselves to get carried away to Brgy. Loserville.

Yes, I am disappointed by the way the hostage crisis was handled. Yes, I am disappointed, because I know that Ms. Raj could’ve done better. However, my disappointments over these two events combined are no match to how disappointed I am at how my fellow Filipinos reacted. Next time you tweet and update your FB status, think before you post: Makakatulong ba sa imahe ng Pilipinas ang sasabihin ko? Will this change Filipino lives for the better?

To Ms. Venus Raj, congratulations! It’s been 11 years since our Ms. Miriam Quiambao came first runner-up to the Miss Universe title. In my book, you are a winner, and I am so proud of you. As in MAJOR MAJOR!

“Wala namang masama kung gusto mong lisanin ang barkong sa tingin mo’y papalubog na. BASTA’T WAG MO LANG HAHAGISAN NG ANUMANG PABIGAT ANG BARKO HABANG PINAGSUSUMIKAPAN ITONG ISALBA NG IBANG TAO.”

– Bob Ong, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?


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