Plurk Has Stolen My Thunder

my plurk

I may have learned to skimp on Facebook (if it actually qualifies as “skimping”), but it seems that in the last couple of months, I have been high in Karma and low in creativity. Of course, since I don’t feel very creative, I won’t take the time to explain that I’m using “Karma” as a proper noun here, and it’s not the karma that people would normally associate with motivations for becoming a do-gooder, Hinduism, or the Karma Sutra. Oh, you mean there shouldn’t be an “R” there? … or the Karma Suta, er, whatever. Karma here is a Plurk trademark, in the same way that “It’s Complicated” screams Friendster. Plurk is an online journal (micro-blog) that’s a lot like Twitter and Tumblr, except that it makes you feel a bit safer. I don’t know why; I just feel that way (probably… because most users are Asians, and statistics has it that 76% of the world’s serial killers are in the US, of which 84% are caucasian).

Anyways, since I’ve been plurking, I found that I could no longer produce profound thoughts beyond 140 characters  (and this entry is an illustration of that assimilated handicap). Hence, if I wanted to continue my 5-year-old tradition of writing a Birthday Blog (on my birthday, of course), I figured that the best way to go would be to write a little each day. Besides, my BBE (birthday blog entry) for this year is about a little personal experiment that I have been planning for quite some time— like 3 hours before compelling myself to write an entry (I felt it would be sacrilegious to NOT write anything on my day. I live to write, and if I can no longer write, what’s there to live for, right? Write.). Quite conveniently, this little experiment would last a couple of days. So, I guess, what I’m trying to say here, so wordily, is “NO, I don’t have a BBE entry to post today” (as if the people who know when my birthday is do read my entries or as if the people who get directed to Gone Gaga in The City know that I write BBEs… of if they could care less).


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