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Are Melason Fans Making PBB Toxic? :(

Being a bit OCD, I was planning to make my next post a follow-up entry on K-Pop. Unfortunately, I had to make room for something else, something disturbing.

It’s common knowledge that Noypis are sympathetic to the underdogs, and bullying is not as common in the PI as they are in the States (which explains why it’s a recurring theme in teen flicks. Think “Mean Girls.”). Lately though, something that happened after Resbak Attack  in Pinoy Big Brother has somehow changed that.

It is unfortunate that the loyal followers of the well-loved Melai and Jason have resorted to mudslinging and lambasting to show their support. In fact, visiting the PBB Multiply site is much like placing yourself right smack in the middle of a warzone. Twitter is no different.

The sad state of PBB cultish following

As I have always been a Kapamilya, I am deeply bothered and saddened by the condition of the young men and women that supporting PBB housemates has led them to. In particular, some Melason fans (not all, thank you very much) would post foul words directed at anyone who supports a housemate other than Melai and Jason. For instance, a certain young man who uses the last name of the ABS-CBN top honcho as part of his Multiply username tags the other housemates as KABIT (Mariel), KUPAL (Tibo),  GAHAMAN/MANYAK (Paul Jake), and so on…

As far as I know, what PBB hoped to accomplish with Resbak Attack was to reveal the true self of the housemates, both the good side and the bad. The PBB management, I am sure, did not intend for it to sow discord among the viewers. However, it was effective in that it brought out the worst of the housemates and the monster in their followers.

Perhaps, it’s the mob mentality or “safety in numbers” that prompted some of the Melason fans to abuse PBB-related sites, using these as channels to resort to cyberbullying and character assassination.

Is this the kind of Pinoy that we want to show the rest of the world? More importantly, if this is the nature of how we treat other people with different mindsets and preferences, what does it say about our concept of respect? I can only hope that this isn’t a microcosm of what the 2010 elections will look like.


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