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Another One that Got Away

theonethatgotawayI couldn’t sleep. I knew I had to tell the story. This one’s about a coin and a song–pretty unremarkable things, really. There isn’t anything unusual about the coin, except that I found it 7 years too late. Yesterday, I was cleaning and reorganizing my closet yet again when I found an old trinket box that a good friend had given to me a long time ago. I even forgot I had it. When he gave it to me, the only thing that was inside was a friendship bracelet. Nothing too fancy–just the kind made by twisting and knotting together different color strings. Exactly the kind that costs almost next to nothing but is priceless on its own. Now I had that bracelet locked somewhere years ago–because I didn’t want it to become too faded and worn out–so I was seriously considering throwing the tiny box into a much larger “OUT” box. In fact, I did. But the thud that the trinket box made against some of my old stuff caught my attention.

Like a kid hoping to find a genie trapped inside an old bottle–or at least like one who found out that she made it on Santa’s nice list on Christmas morning–I was vigorously shaking the small box close to my ear. Nothing. It didn’t make a sound but I was too bored that I was certain something had to be inside. I lifted the lid. My eyes had to agree with my ears. There was nothing inside, but the years had aged the box so much so that I could make out something at the bottom. The bottom was covered in blue felt, and a circular image was embossed on it. Feeling very Indiana Jones, I took a tweezer and peeled the paper out of the way. That’s when I found the P1 coin–the old one that’s big and heavy, the kind only coin collectors would have. For me, though, it wasn’t the coin itself that was interesting, but the three words engraved into its surface. (No, not the three words that you have in mind.) CRASH AND BURN. And on the other side was “Love,____”

Now, when I don’t know something, I have trouble going to sleep. Since my sister’s iPod was right next to my bed, I figured it would help me sleep. Four or five songs into the playlist, I realized that the song I was listening to was Crash and Burn (Actually, I didn’t catch the first chorus. I’m that bad at songs unless it’s my favorite artists.’) Only then did I truly understand. It’s amazing how the brain can retrieve conversations and detailed images that you have somehow forgotten. And I admit I can induce selective amnesia when it’s truly necessary. Now I remember that he gave it to me after I went through a circus of a breakup.

Lesson learned. The moral of the story is that when you’re trying to send a message, make sure it won’t take the other person 7 years to discover it. Seriously, my problem is that when I’m with a prince, I still wonder about frogs and other ponds.

Interesting Monday, though–or Tuesday morning, now, actually. It seems that he found me on Facebook, too, and I’m looking at him–and his beautiful wife and baby. This is the part where you say, “Aw…*sniff*” Too bad I can’t sell the coin. LOL.


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