Pinay Ako!, psychobabble

I Scream . . .

. . . and this is why I’d take the calorie counter and a pedometer anytime. But to give women a little credit, please, enough of the comfort-food stereotype. The scene is really old–dark room lit only  by the TV (cue: bluish lights), depressed woman in PJs embedded on the couch, stuffing her face with dairy heaven and her brain with mushy lines from reruns. That’s just not very Pinay.

To the Filipino woman, ice cream is definitely celebratory, and I love my pistachio and cookies ‘n’ cream. (Ube works for me as well. . . and oh those delectable sugar cones!) There’s just no such thing as a depressed Pinay, I guess. Give us a Magic Sing, beer–or Coke (mag-SMILE sa buhay!), the choice of company, and a bag of Boy Bawang . . . You’d think our bodies run on happy hormones. 😀


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