The Parade Analogy

Parades and relationships have a lot more in common than we think. A parade, by definition, is a series of people going in the same direction, appearing one after the other.

Parades are often loud and extravagant… and quite festive while they last, although they leave nothing but empty, littered streets in the end. And how people react to parades! Those who regard themselves quite important wish for the parade to end abruptly, as it is a nuisance and steals attention away from them. And then, there are those who DO want to watch parades. They are careful to observe every flawed step, about which they would tell others how it should have been done. Yet, there are those who genuinely love parades. The sad thing about this is that once the parade is over, they would scurry about, carrying on with their lives, remembering to pay the bills and go to the gym. Because even if they could stand enraptured on the sidelines for all they’re worth, they are just watchers still. And it would be the clowns left with red noses and streaked makeup to wash off on their own. But then, in parades, one can always wait for the next float or performance to show up and see if it is as good as the last.

And no matter how predictable, parades are something one who hasn’t been embittered can look forward to. And so we wait. Year after year after year.

Parades and relationships, it seems, are two of the things people spend their lifetime waiting for.


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