How to Cure a Facebook Addiction

I was a self-confessed Facebook addict, and I even got my confession published on BusinessWorld’s Paradoxically, I found my cure through Facebook.
Why is Facebook its own Facebook-addiction cure?
It’s plain and simple: the new homepage and news feed bored me to death. Although it allows you to customize which Friend List appears more often in the News Feed and which applications show up more, the layout itself gives social ads more prominence for obvious reasons.
To add to that, the flood of  “Which __________ are you?” quizzes is simply an overkill! It used to be a lot of fun, but geez, it’s giving even “identity crisis” a better name. I’m surprised no one has come up with “Which amoeba are you?” yet.
I also hate the fact that I can’t be as organized with my apps as I used to be. My OC nature is distracted by the overlaps. Just how many calendars do I need to wish my friends “happy birthday”? Or omg! Which pet didn’t I feed today? Was it the one on Fluff, Superpoke, or Haikoo Zoo? I blame myself for being app-aholic.
The chain mail syndrome has been hitting Facebook for some time through the hideous Super Wall, but the tagging game has denigrated Notes from “simple yet cool” to “nauseating and overbearing.” To be completely honest, in my Notes, I only like to tag people I’d like to get an opinion from or those that I actually mentioned (after all, that’s what the app was for, right?). I’ve seen a few interesting “tag games” on Notes, and I do indulge myself from time to time, but recently, they flood in like spam, giving creativity and posterity a very bad name. 😛

I have nothing against people who love to do all these, though. I admit I’m one for self-publication, otherwise I won’t be maintaining 4 blogs–or do I have 5?–but you just know when you’ve had enough.
Oh, I don’t have issues about where personal information go, because I always follow the “think before you post” policy. Neither do I care whether the CIA or the Abu Sayyaf created Facebook. Facebook is for fun, reconnecting with people you’ve lost touch with, and getting to know a whole new bunch of interesting people. But when it stops being all these, where’s the fun in that? It has a name. It’s called “rehab.”
You know you’re getting there when you get this feeling when you log in: It’s like digging through Google for a really important article on The History of Facebook, or Facebook Controversies, or Behavioral Studies about The Facebook Phenomenon, and all that keeps coming up in the top ranks are blogs like this. 😀

My Facebook-hating boyfriend will obviously be happy about this, although I can’t really say for now whether or not I’ll be as active on fb as I used to be. Fashion Wars is still fun, by the way. What I do know is that I’m no longer addicted to Facebook. Yet, I’m just as certain that Mark Z. will come up with something. Again. I’m sure he will.


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