illusions, passions


No, this isn’t Natalie Portman’s name in French. Just in case you don’t know it yet, portmanteau pertains to a new word formed by combining two or more words that are already linguistically accepted to create new meaning (e.g., brunch). For those already in the know, simply relax, sit tight, and read on–I’ve got a new one for you!

Allow me an intro, because it’s been ages since my last blog. Oh well, I’m swamped with writing projects, and besides, I keep thinking that you wouldn’t miss me anyway. πŸ˜› But no matter how busy I am right now, I just don’t have the heart to pass up on this chance to cross off an item in my ambitious List. Remember item 22? Just two weeks ago, I was vacationing in Cebu when my coined word came to me.

From the Greek pseudo, meaning “false,” or pseudein meaning “to deceive,” and the English word idea, which is defined as “something pictured in the mind” or “a central meaning to things” by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, I came up with this:

pseudea (noun)

– a belief or thought whose falsehood is known to the thinker, but which he/she adheres or clings to, just because it seems comforting.

Examples of usage:

  • The worst pseudea a woman could have is to think that her man hit her only out of jealousy, passion, and yes, love.
  • Although Jill knew that she shouldn’t have slept with Jack (or anyone) especially on a first date, her pseudea was that it wouldn’t change things between them. He hasn’t called her since.

I actually thought of making a variant which would have been “pseudeal,” but I figured anything ideal or perfect seems false enough by itself. Haha πŸ˜€ So, there. How did I do? If you’ve come across the word “pseudea” (or even “pseudeal”) before, do advise me lest I’d be charged with plagiarism or any IPR issue. If you haven’t, and this is indeed a new word for you, then what are you waiting for? Spread the word! Or if you want to sound a bit novel, spread my new portmanteau!

Note: I do not intend to make any allusion to Pseudea (proper noun), who is known as the Goddess of Lies in mythology.


2 thoughts on “Portmanteau

  1. in my first year of teaching, i encountered portmanteau…
    and i smiled…such a sophisticated word for something which most of us actually know…(breakfast + lunch =brunch, motorist + hotel= motel)…nothin, big sis…jsut dropping by with the usual FYIs and to say…im still here. smiling at the sun.

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