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30 things I hope to accomplish before I turn 30


I’m excited about turning 30 this Oh-Nine, and I’m posting My Previously Secret List. By doing this, I know what I’m getting from people who do know me, especially my friends–the accusatory “What?! You’re riding the bandwagon of resolution writers?! #%&^*&*.” Would it help if you knew I wrote it last oh-seven, two-five, oh-eight? Not? Hmm, I guess you have a point there, since posting it in the first days of Oh-Nine couldn’t put me in a less hyped position.

TD Jakes said it best when he preached that it helps to “keep our seeds hidden while they grow,” cluing in that while the Three Kings were looking for the baby Jesus, Herod was on the search, too–for different reasons. So there’s some basis to what superstitious people say about getting jinxed when you tell other people what your plans are. Here’s what I think: I believe that while this is true, it also matters WHO you’re telling. There will be people who will discourage you; yet there are those who will encourage you. There’ll be people who will intercede for you and those who will wish you ill. So going back to me posting This, here are my answers: 1) Yes, I guess this is riding the bandwagon (except that I didn’t intend for this to be a Nu Yih’s resolution), 2) Making my list official should give me “healthy” pressure, and 3) in case I get jinxed, that means one of you is a baddie. Hahaha I’m kidding. After all, “if God is for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)?” Here goes. . .

  1. Live each day with gratitude
  2. Quit “bad habits”
  3. Take up street dance
  4. Play the guitar
  5. Perfect adobo
  6. Complete the unfinished song with Toix
  7. Save up for a Euro trip with Cherry, Je, and Armi (wish Charie could, too)
  8. Attend more writing workshops
  9. Join the music ministry
  10. Publish and release “the baby” with Grich
  11. Be a storyteller
  12. Eat healthy
  13. Drink more water
  14. Drink less coffee 😦
  15. Turn a stranger into a friend
  16. Teach a college class
  17. Pose for a budding photographer
  18. Spend a weekend in Bohol with Rizha
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Bellydance more regularly
  21. Give more
  22. Coin a word
  23. Invest the same way I vote
  24. Learn webpage design
  25. Spend more time with the family
  26. Go back to the gym
  27. Read more books
  28. Be more careful with my words
  29. Take vitamins more seriously
  30. Manifest God’s glory and grace within me

22 items, 7 months… to those whose names are in this list: no pressure! 😛

“It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy (Romans 8: 16)” 😀


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