Gone gaga indeed!

I don’t know if I’m developing schizophasia, but I’ve been involuntarily tossing word salads lately. That’s saying “resply” when you intend to say “respond,” and then somewhere along the way, your brain goes into overdrive, and the word “reply” flashes through your mind (like annoying glitter text on marquee scroll in teenybopper profiles). The worst instance by far is when “kulor” gushed out of my mouth as I impulsively tossed “color” and “kulay” (Filipino term for color) together, causing everybody within earshot to guffaw! (Bisaya guid kuno!) I was so stressed out that I’ve had recurring dreams about becoming dslyeixc–er, dyslexic (although dyslexia is something else).

So, to throw in a little humor on this (as I badly need to laugh about it), I came up with a fresh serving of my salad–a saying salad with a touch of idiom on the side. Season with sense of humor (i.e., humor me). Makes unlimited servings.

* Don’t judge the book with your mouth full.
* I’ll burn the bridge when I get there.
* It’s a piece of cake and eat it, too.
* Bite off more than you can chew your tongue.
* A bird in the hand is worth two beating around the bush.
* Cry wolf in sheep’s clothing.
* Better late than sorry.
* Birds of a feather are hit with one stone.
* The early bird gathers no moss.
* Don’t count your chickens in one basket.

Feel free to add your own : )


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