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29 Things I’ve Learned as I Turn 29

I’ve learned that . . .N769964129_782475_3283_2

  1. parents worry more about you as YOU grow “older.”

  2. it’s when you show your true self in any Profile that you really stand out.

  3. when people say there’s no drink like a cold glass of water, they’re not talking bull.

  4. the more delectable and healthier way of cooking tilapia is having it in sinigang sa santol.

  5. when you set the alarm earlier than you’re accustomed to, you’re bound to get up way later than usual.

  6. when you cut your credit card, you’ll feel like a rich person—only better, because you’ll have peace of mind.

  7. curly hair and brown skin can actually be beautiful.

  8. dancing naked in the living room is a truly liberating experience (make sure the neighbors aren’t up yet).

  9. when you show kindness to someone, you are already changing the world.

  10. choosing your battles shows how classy you are.

  11. kids are happier and smarter, because they believe that anything is possible.

  12. the only way to be indispensable in your career is to find your passion and then do it, not the other way around.

  13. contrary to popular belief, there are still good and good-looking men who are straight and aren’t taken yet!

  14. you can be less dependent on people and still cultivate fulfilling relationships.

  15. having less money prompts you to save and end up having more than what you’re used to.

  16. living “within your means” should stand for spending only 70% of your net income.

  17. the less of a control freak you become, the better your opportunities get.

  18. the more time you devote to competing with everyone, the more insignificant you become.

  19. by contrast, the less proud you are, the more people value your company.

  20. sharing your lecture notes won’t make you less intelligent.

  21. the people you give the least of your time to are the ones who truly appreciate it when you do.

  22. when you encourage people, you allow them to get one step closer to their dream.

  23. your principles may not feed you, but these will earn you R-E-S-P-E-C-T, which is beyond price.

  24. the more you befriend someone so unlike you, the more you realize how alike you really are.

  25. the more you analyze, the more complicated it gets.

  26. when you let go, you’re up for a pleasant surprise.

  27. the best way to get good sleep is to look forward to waking up.

  28. there’s no better way to wake up than to know that you are loved.

  29. you read my blogs, because you love me.


Note: Writing this blog already gives me a happy birthday, and I love you, too. My friend Grich once said that she doesn’t feel old at 29, only experienced. I’m turning 29 on Saturday, and I have to admit I’ve never felt more alive and beautiful. I won’t try to paint a picture of bliss and success that people would often do to gloat or impress. In fact, the most valuable experiences I’ve had are those that were humbling. With inflation continuing to skyrocket, and the dispute with MILF remaining unsettled, I’ve come to terms with a few little joys that I’ve underrated.


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