I Work From Home

It’s 8:00 AM, and I blink sleepily at the computer monitor. I grope for my coffee mug and take a long, slow sip. It’s Monday, and I’m working on several manuscripts. Outside, the rain  beats down angrily at the pavement, and I smile (Boy, am I glad not to be wearing wet office shoes right now!). My fingers begin to dance across the keybooard, as the words come in torrents, competing with the pouring rain. After a while, I save my work and put the computer on sleep mode. I plop down into my emerald green bean bag. I slide my favorite feel-good movie into the DVD player. Ahh, the benefits of working from home! No more wet shoes. No boss breathing down my neck. No coworkers gossiping about whose fault it was that the presentation bombed. No bundy clocks or bioscans. Just my mobile phone, my computer, my fridge, my bed, my TV–I’ve got all the company I need. I can wake up at 10:00 AM if I want to. I can work in my pyjamas–heck! I can work naked if I want to! Only I don’t–for the sake of the home owners across my apartment. (They’re good people; they don’t deserve such ill display of beauty.) 😛

I’m a writer. I write website text content for clients running search engines in Australia, US, Canada, and what-have-yous. I’m doing what I love to do, and I get paid to do it. I get paid for EVERY word I write. Every “a” and “the,” and even my “or” rings the cash register.  Although I don’t get the byline (yet), I’m happy still.  It could be my work you’re reading next time you get into Google or Wikipedia. Who knows?

Wise, successful people tell me, “Do not despise the days of small beginnings.” And it’s true! This is my breakthrough: I’ve finally found my niche. Trusting in God and believing that He will bless the works of my hands led me to this dream job. So right now, if you’re in a situation where you think it’s never going to work out for you, you’re never going to find a job you’ll like, you’re never going to be successful in your career, TAKE HEART! Wait for the Lord. He promised that we are blessed in the city, blessed in the country, and even at home!


2 thoughts on “I Work From Home

  1. OMG, i was wondering if i missed out anything on ur life lately…this is MAJOR gurlfriend! and im so so happy for you. u are finally free to do what u were born to do! 🙂 lots of luck!

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