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The Last 7 Years Before I Got Saved

Water_ripple This world puts a premium on numbers: your general weighted average, your rank, your annual income, or even the memory capacity of whatever gadgets you own. In our ENLI class, Pastor Dan once said that if you were saved after the age of 25, then God has a special plan for you. I came to know Jesus Christ at 26. Looking back, the last 7 years before I got saved reflected a life lived breaking 9 out of the Ten Commandments. I am not proud of this, but I believe that all these things were essential in establishing a stronger foundation for understanding and appreciating God’s overwhelming grace and love for the lost and broken.

I was a good girl in a very good Catholic high school. Then after college, “real life” happened, and I became too proud to call on God, thinking that I have experienced success by my own hard work and efforts to develop whatever intellect, skill, and talent I have. I was so sure that I was too tough to be defeated by any problem. That was the time I turned my back on faith, obedience, and prayer. I had fooled myself into believing that God was a concept that society conspired to develop in order to control freedom and happiness.

After that, I have experienced despicable things both as victim and as aggressor, things that are unfit for publication. These things led me to challenge God to take my life, if He was real. When He didn’t, I had 2 things in mind: “The reason better be good,” and “I thought so.” But God remained faithful and sent an angel to my workplace during a dark period of confusion and unrest. I was so scared that the best years of my life were already behind me. I was switching jobs and relationships at high turnover rate in my never-ending quest for meaning and fulfillment. This angel from VCF Ortigas started Purpose-Driven Life sessions in our office, which I compliantly and reluctantly attended. But the more I listened to her and saw her joy and peace, I began to wonder whether I could have that too. Then God gave me Jeremiah 29: 11, “For I know the plans I have for you. . . plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior on 05 March 2006, and He turned my life around—from victim to survivor to victor. I have found continuing peace, significance in my life, and a sense of purpose far greater than the next performance review, the next degree, or the next relationship. In retrospect, it’s funny to think that when I stopped planning and attempting to take full control of my life, the best things just started falling perfectly into place. Now, I am confident that the best of my life is right here, right now. There is a bigger and better destiny ahead of me. I have much of God’s love to share to the world, and my life is so worth living.

If this write-up leads just one heart to Jesus, then I thank the Lord and count it as one more blessing. Welcome home!


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