Paradigm shift, the color blue, and butterfly wings

Paradigms are culture-bound. If one part of the world sees blue and calls it green, another part sees blue and calls it by its name. And if by chance you all agree to call it “blue green,” consider yourself blessed that you are able to find ways to strike a balance.

If even the access to a universal language fails to accomplish that, I remain positive that one day, we can see blue, call it blue, hear others call it green, and learn to respect how they put a name to it. University education tells us that paradigm shifts are necessary in order to experience development. I agree, but learning from experience, I now acknowledge that real development comes only from knowing that perspectives may not necessarily change no matter how hard we all try AND ACCEPTING THAT our contexts are no lesser or better. So call blue your green, and I’ll still call it blue. It doesn’t matter now when the rest of the world has tweaked the shades to make “turquoise” and “aquamarine.” This is my paradigm shift—accepting that most of the time paradigms don’t shift.

And I will still respect a butterfly that fails to break free from the cocoon (because it’s safe there), even if I can’t trust that it has metamorphosed into a butterfly–because it still looks so much like a caterpillar. One day, it will spread its strengthened wings and fly. I may not be the one to see that, but knowing that it can AND it will is comforting.


Note to Grich and Imee: you gurls said you miss my stuff. be glad when i don’t blog =P because as you know, when i write, it must mean i’m either too happy or too sad ;~)


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