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Rumor has it. . .

… that a woman could get the man she wants if she starts treating him like she doesn’t want him at all. Okay, so that’s no rumor—that’s actually one of the things every woman in search of Mr. Right has to do, according to The Rules—but I had to use the rumor-phrase as a catchy introduction which segues to MARK RUFFALO. And, uh, yes, he happens to be in the stellar cast of the movie, uh, Rumor has it.


He’s not your typical leading man. In fact, you can trust Hollywood to not cast him as the love interest of the lead actress. Profiling him, I’d say he’s not the stereotypical aquamarine-eyed guy with the sun-kissed hair and skin and sexy lips that would huskily whisper, “You complete me.”

But thank God for the inconsistency of Hollywood, Mark Ruffalo has been a leading man to Jennifer Garner (13 Going on 30), Reese Witherspoon (Just Like Heaven), and Jennifer Aniston (Rumor has it…), and I would have to say, “Hey, this guy is IT!” Okay, he’s cute, with warm brown eyes (I think), but the reason why any female should find this guy lovable is that he’s a natural at playing the guy that women REALLY should want—respectful, dependable, faithful, intelligent, and supportive. He’s the best friend that Alias girl never really cared about but who was always there for her and for real. He’s the guy who tried to steal the legally blonde comatose from a hospital just so she doesn’t end up getting euthanized, and then she suddenly wakes up from coma, doesn’t recognize him at all, but still he landscapes her withering rooftop garden just so she can see the flowers in full bloom once she comes home. He’s the man who finds out his fiancée has slept with the guy who slept with her mother AND grandmother and still says to her, “Marry me, right now.”

Well, if this is the kind of guy who doesn’t get the girl in the end, then The Rules does work. Only backwards. Mr. Right is already there, while you’re too busy running away, chasing after Mr. Right Now. The woman doesn’t get the good guy not because she didn’t act like she didn’t like him. The woman doesn’t get the good guy because she didn’t give him a try. Because women keep on running away from what is real and running after what’s not.

Zooming back on Mark Ruffalo, he does a very good characterization of someone you can have a mutually fulfilling relationship with. By this I mean a healthy goodbye to the flashy golden boys whose idea of commitment is committing to not getting caught exchanging numbers with the easy-looking bimbo at the next table, while you waltz your way to the powder room gracefully, hoping he sees you as a woman of poise worthy enough of becoming Mrs. What’s-his-name. Look inside your inner woman, and give her what she deserves: respectful, dependable, faithful, intelligent, and supportive, which all comes value-added to the attractiveness quotient. That’s the kind of man I’d want to grow old with.


2 thoughts on “Rumor has it. . .

  1. very well said twin-soul. mark ruffalo is indeed the “IT” guy. real, funny, devoted. every woman deserves. 😉

    p.s. i so0 luv him in Just Like Heaven. hmmm…u are already talking about someone to grow old with. i hope to welcome u to the club soon 😉

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