Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Lanterns One Saturday morning, a band—not a choir—of old angels came to me. Quite a peculiar group, these angels with absent wings and soiled baseball caps for halos. With them came Christmas and an answer to my mom’s SMS prayer that I may have something to smile about. They jazzed up my day—figuratively and literally.


Pensive and pretty in pink, that’s how I found Jerryll when I had reached Powerbooks’ Psychology section. Took me forever to get there, what with the throng of last-minute Christmas shoppers I had to swim through. Uy, they had received their Christmas bonus at last!

After giving each other a quick beso and exchanging gifts (Nice, gurl!), we chatted over palabok and empanada. It could have been just because of the T-shirt and dangling charm earrings she was wearing, but I honestly believe that my college best friend was blushing and giddy, as we talked about the coming holidays and forgiveness and reunited friends and real love stories.Everything was coming up roses for both of us. We couldn’t agree more. =)

But before that much-awaited Christmas week, there was one more thing on our to-do list that we had to face (pun not intended)—getting a facial. (Sus! The pains and pleasures of being a woman! The hot wax [ouch!] and threading [oof!] sessions that forge sisterhood stronger than any Greek-letter sorority can.) Within the next two hours, I became personification of seedless-tomato-in-the-making. I succeeded, however, in looking like spiced ham. Haay, paskong pasko!


There are rare, random acts of kindness among strangers . . .

Like letting an impatient lady cut the line to security check when you’re running later than usual (read: 30 minutes late is usual), when it was only last week that you grabbed someone hard by the shoulder, swept her aside, and said, “Miss, I’M next in line.” Giving her the slitted tiger eyes.

Like getting a tap on the shoulder from the tricycle dispatcher near Ministop as he says, “You. Next,” when you’re standing in the second half of a long queue of commuters. (Cool! The trike dispatcher gets to play God! Or maybe, he’s taking the ABS-CBN Magpasaya ng Kapamilya campaign really seriously.)

Like trailing after a little boy who sort of lost his parents at Gateway when you’re dizzy from hunger and all you can think about are dinner and comfort; then you wish you were in Harry Potter’s world and you can just Apparate home.


Fourth of 9 mornings, I finally made it to Simbang Gabi!

Yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The biatch in you gets a holiday, too! And when you’re in love (Susmaryosep!), you even get serenaded by a jazz band of old angels with absent wings and soiled baseball caps for halos. And you smile. One Saturday morning.


For Jerryll and the rest of Stella’s Angels, Maicel, Nakkie, Imee, Grichelle—I know, I know, I’m being soft and cheesy, which is good if I were ensaymada or cheesecake, which I’m not.

And for everyone else who bothers to read my blog entries—MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I love you, people. =P


4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. …hmmm…i was surprised by ur “profile pic”….a homoerotic pic of harry and draco??…..and enya to soothe our frayed nerves??…..d surprises never end….. 🙂

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