Un Poco de Locura by Grich Meñez

ADVISORY: The following entry contains text and situations published in this blog without permission from the author. The administrator of this blog does not, in any way, support plagiarism. However, her friend, the author, will soon forgive her for her lack of better ways to describe the moment and for sheer laziness.


un poco de locura by Grichelle Meñez, with comments by Ged and yours truly

note: you are not supposed to understand this. if u find urself entertained, then its either u suffer from the same hazy existence or…u were actually with us last friday night.



“shit, thirty minutes late!”, i hurried my pace, desperately wishing for the huge guy walking in front of me to just drop dead, and leave me with enough room to run fast like my life depended on it. it didnt help that i was wearing heels, or the fact that my shirt kept sticking to my sweat-drenched shoulders, or that its drizzling like crazy. i’m soaking wet like a poor stray cat, i’m hungry, and i’m late.

a century later, i was in 4th flr, still looking like a soaked cat. okay, i spotted her. time to make the necessary apologies. 2 premier tickets, check. we walked towards the queue of people waiting for their turns. small talk. she comments “you look happy tonight”. i laughed and instantly felt better. finally, we got inside the cinema.

“where is he?!” twin-soul asked. “i guess he’s pretty busy, bossing eh”, i replied, scanning the whole place. two, three familiar people. ok, hide my face. i’m on anti-social mood tonight.

“ehem, ehem, good evening ladies and gentlemen”, a masculine voice boomed from the speakers. twin-soul and i laughed. “the bastard is onstage”, we chorused.

took out my phone and started texting. “ayos ang host ah, laki ng katawan”. i can almost hear his melodiously demonic laugh.

movie started. crazy chicken, said the sky’s falling. no one believed him. chicken’s dad disappointed. chicken tried to redeem himself. in the company of crazier friends (btw, fish rocks!). aliens invade. three-eyed monsters appear. but turned out to be cute monsters. chicken wins baseball. chicken’s dad happy. chicken proves he’s not crazy. ending: everyone happy.

raffle starts. iPods and mobile phones at stake. wow. twin-soul and i went away empty-handed. fate is cruel.

“hey!”, we called mr. hunk. turns his head, smiled and gave us a kiss. “oh shucks, im sooo stressed. my pimples are going insane!” we looked closer. yeah, two or three i think. doesnt matter, you are still cute dear boy. “bat ang se-sexy nyo ngayon?”, mr. hunk teased. wanna join MA? MUTUAL ADMIRATION CLUB, anyone?!

“lets get out of here”, twin-soul finally says. we bade mr. hunk goodbye. my stomach grumbles painfully. thai food maybe? so we sat down in the smoking area, and waited for the waiter to hand us menus. i swear, a decade has passed before we realized that they were close for customers because they’re hosting some kind of seminar for really old-looking people. geezuz. put a goddamn sign on the door! and i mean a sign big enough for normal people to read, not some folded up bond paper with crayon marks! news flash: common sense getting a lot more expensive.

and so we explored. podium, home to cocky business people in their slick suits is close. but so is el pueblo—home to fete de la musique, with the lovely bohemian girls and the sensual rhythmic atmosphere. totally a no-brainer.

2 cuervo margaritas coming through! we sipped the light green potion. salty, sour and bitter-strong. what bliss! twin-soul and i looked at each other. giggles demurely. a few indecent topics later, loses all poise and laughs madly. music is loud and dance floor is crazy. now this is what’s friday night is all about. phone suddenly beeps. read: “i’m sneaking out of the office party. wer u? i’m coming over.” mr. hunk gracing us with his presence tonight?! impossible.

in a flash, he was seated across the table, a co-worker in tow. “guys this is pretty boy, the best staff I’ve every had”. pretty boy blushes. i smiled. sigh, younglings are such lovely beings. “how old are you?” i asked. “twenty-five”, he replied. life is unfair. we are of the same age and he looked so much younger.

a couple more margaritas and flavored vodka later, we almost succeeded in turning back time. didn’t know alcohol’s an effective time machine. for a split second, i performed a quick introspection. “god, I’m actually happy tonight” my brain’s all twisted up and the world is spinning, but i’m happy. geez. such a disturbing thought.

band onstage is going crazy. guy in dreadlocks confuses me. is it me or is he trying to be a cross between sean paul and the P.O.D vocalist? he raps and screams simultaneously. the result: disaster.

mental note: wearing red sando will never ever make you look hot, even if you have biceps to show off.

four hours passed. under the blare of hypnotic lights, loud music, good old cuervo, beer and nachos, three individuals called friends came alive again. talked about everything. from the mundane to the grossest, the romantic to the indecent, the vague to the profound—everything that sums up life. three people living in the same world, but living in different realities. one night reuniting them—their similarities and differences, their fears, pains, and desires. a poetic merging of souls and of old memories.

time to go home. kisses twin-soul on the cheek and hugs mr. hunk goodbye. “really nice meeting you”, i smiled at pretty boy. he smiles back. i stuck my head out of the cab’s fogged up windows and waves goodbye.

another priceless collection to be stashed in memory box.


for twin-soul and mr. hunk (thanks for picking up the tab, that’s very, very sweet of u. 🙂 next time, inform us so we can order more from the bar)


Wala man lang pabaong yosi! Amp! Hehehe.

Twin soul says “the 366-663 thing with the iPod was a total bummer! Hmp! Di man lang tayo pinanalo! And what biceps? All that moron had were hair extensions too long for him and of course that horrible red sando. Geezus!”

“Mr. Hunk, pinapabaon sa ‘yo ‘yung yosi aayaw ayaw ka kaya…”

ged: dont worry, yosi nalang gift ko sayo sa xmas. yung “more” green. para pareho kayo ni sir saguil :p

twin-soul: u are so mean…i like that 🙂

Grich: Pwede isang ream ng Mild 7 Lights? Hehehe.

Twin-soul: Eh kasi ang konti na nun eh. Dalawang sticks na lang ata. Hehehe. Kelan kaya ang next inuman-laitan-purihan hang out natin? Wala nang pumupuri sa akin eh. Kayo lang. Hahaha.


4 thoughts on “Un Poco de Locura by Grich Meñez

  1. whoa. i totally forgive you twin-soul. i am actually flattered.:)

    p.s. wawa nga si notty! nakausap ko sa phone sabi nya nag-sasarili daw tayo! tigilan nyo kami, mga workaholic kayo! now u see what ur missing. :p

  2. oist! some people might be saying,”pakshet, just send SMS to each other and do us all a favor.” eh ano ngayon? blog namin to. at binabasa niyo pa rin comments namin. hehe actually no one’s saying that. yet. paranoia kicking in. praning!

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