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Things I know about life I learned from the Web:

  • Always remember where to use which password

  • Your history can catch up with you. Delete cookies.

  • When you get too far from what you’re looking for, you can always hit Home

  • Too much of a good thing can be hazardous. Share too many files, and you’ll end up God-knows-where.net

  • Just as you’re updating your antivirus, someone else is coming up with a more dangerous one that can crash your hard drive

  • If you’re sure about what you don’t want or need, always remember to Empty Recycle Bin to reclaim disk space

  • Help/Support is not always on real time

  • If you happen to perform an illegal operation, system will shut down

  • If at times you find yourself looking at things that don’t seem to appear the way they should, Refresh

  • Defrag from time to time

  • The webcam can be positioned to show the best angles. You only see what you want to see

  • If you don’t have adequate bandwidth, expect some downtime

  • You have the power to create links, but there are times when your search leads to unavailable. . . and you may need to adjust your security settings

  • You get more hits from passersby

  • Your Friendster (or Myspace, hi5, multiply. . . account) is sometimes more interesting to your enemies than it is to your friends =P

  • If you feel that you need an emotional or creative outlet and a place where your opinion matters, where YOU matter, create your own blog

  • If you need assurance that you’re not alone and that you’re normal, read THEIR blogs


If in doubt, Google

For Hadji, Grichelle, Boris, Skilty, Xiaui, Love B., Rizha, and Jiselle, who probably know a lot more that I don’t


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