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1.     I would have taken those afternoon naps that my mom wanted me to take and that I always found a way to fake (because as I grow older and assume more responsibilities, I can’t sleep as much as I want to)

2.     I would have stayed home a lot more when my sisters were still there and had the time to play around (because once I left for college and later for work, I get to see them only during the holidays and I end up being a “visitor” in my own house—plus it is so frustrating to work around their crazy schedules!)

3.     I would have said “yes” to those Performing Arts workshops which I somehow got excused from (because now that I want to, I no longer have the time to do so and I now have to channel my resources based on the urgency of financial obligations)

4.     I never would have quit training with the UP Filipiniana Dance Company (because it would have allowed me to skip my PE requirements hence a fighting chance at graduating cum laude; and besides, I found out it was okay for mom even if I had to take a one-year leave from school–since there were extra slots open for trainees who wanted to watch the members perform during their European tour)

5.     I would have followed my heart and chosen English or Psychology as my major (because I still can’t figure out why I didn’t, and unfulfilled dreams can be very haunting)

6. I would have brought extra batteries at Neil Gaiman’s book signing (because my Powershot has this annoying consistency of running out of power during important, not to mention once-in-a-lifetime events)

7. I never would have been shutter-happy and taken shots of Neil—which were quite bad by the way (because after all those bad shots and our frame-worthy embrace for the camera, all the screen could show was “Change the batteries”)

8. I would never have gotten too drunk at the Sykes party last year (because that’s how I lost my reliable rechargeable batteries which explains items #6 and #7)

9.     I never would have paid P350 for a ticket to Eastwood’s “World’s Longest [Empty?] Buffet” (because it sucked big time, and I really want my money back!)

10. I would have worn better clothes when I was thinner (just because)


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