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I know what surreal is:

  • It is stepping into a crammed train and big-bodied men do not feign sleep
  • It comes in the shape of a shabby-looking man tapping my shoulder from behind, offering me a recently vacated seat
  • It means not having to multitask between lugging and keeping watch of my bag while fending off perverts trying to cop a feel
  • It is when caffeine-saturated call center people straight from duty do NOT attempt to bust my eardrums while bashing either their “TL” or the “QA,” or telling the entire MRT car  who made it to the “topsellers”
  • It is what happens everyday at the Ateneo Loyola campus, where drivers actually understand what those fat, white lines mean and therefore have the etiquette to NOT honk nor raise THE finger at me when I cross the street

My friend Skilty complains about fatsos taking up butt space in jeepneys, “It’s really unfair for the leaner population to pay as much as fatsos do when only a fourth of our left butt cheek is able to touch the seat while these behemoths take up half of it” (read more of his Dyipni Adventures).  Amen! Then my morning might have been blessed, because I sat like a princess amidst Marie France bodies.

But if one day I’d wake up and realize that I can no longer afford the fare or that I’m already without a job to travel one and a half hours for, then I’d know we have bigger problems than the fatsos.


One thought on “I know what surreal is:

  1. hmmm…..skilty does have a point….but he should try experiencing the tricycles in roxas city….imagine standing under the rain and the only tryke stopped by to offer u a ride, but the entire interior is occupied by a sole fatso….no more space inside for me…..so i had to ride outside!!….now that, is more than surreal..weheheheh!!…..

    PS>> id like to meet up raze, but i might be going to Dumangas on the 29th….when are u going back to Manila??

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