hodgepodge, illusions


aimless wanderer? rolling stone? been on this proverbial treadmill, running so fast just to stay in place. comfort zones are for cowards; safety and security do not guarantee happiness, and silence does not necessarily mean there’s peace. yeah, i am here, but i can only be here.  while it is true that a rolling stone literally gathers no moss, this rock is not after the moss. motion leads to new directions and encounters with fresh faces, an oasis to a parched traveler’s soul. another coin toss, and whether it turns up heads or tails, you still learn. and even when this rock finally becomes dust, the wind will take it to strange lands, to rest on a new windowsill. and maybe, just maybe, the Universe will be kind enough to lay iton a new flower. what takes me away?


LEAVING *indigo girls*

(thank you, amy ray and emily saliers)

Jet fuel and traffic lines,

pulling up to the Delta signs

Distant shape of my hometown

black stain where the wheels touchdown

I pick up the morning news,

pass the man who’s never shined my shoes

Through security and to the train

that’ll take me to the airplane

Count the miles on the highway

the sum of all my days

There’s a postcard there’s a call,

there’s a picture for your bedroom wall

But do you ever wonder through and through

who’s that person standing next to you

And after all the nights apart

is there a home for a travelling heart

But if I weren’t leaving you

I don’t know what I’d do

But the more I go the less I know

will the fire still burn on my return

To keep the path lit on the only road I know

Honey, all I know to do is go

Cup of coffee and my bags are packed

same vow not to look back

Familiar emptiness inside

as the distances grow wide

And though I vow to memorize

the last look in your loving eyes

It’s here dusk and there dawn,

it’s like a curtain getting slowly drawn

***Photograph courtesy of Boris Hadzhipetkov


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