Setting: Day; Workplace (IPC, Ateneo de Manila University)

Characters: Xiaui, Rache, Donna

(Xiaui drops herself on the reception area couch; through the open Editorial Unit door, she sees Rache typing furiously on the keyboard)

(Xiaui picks up the Inquirer, scans through the pages)

Xiaui: Hoy! Rachelle D. Ubal! YOUNGBLOOD!

Rache: huh?

Xiaui: Heto o (Here)

Rache: Hindi nga! (Really now!)

(Donna walks into the office, passing Xiaui on her way to Editorial)

Donna: Rachelle, nag-text nga pala si Sir Jun (IPC Director); may article ka raw sa Inquirer? (Rachelle, Sir Jun sent me a text message; he says you have an article in the Inquirer?)

Rache (to herself): Patay… (I’m dead meat)


(Scene fades to black)


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