The Best Looking Guy in the World

Days after salivating over this picture of The Best Looking Guy in the World title holder (allegedly from India), forwarded by one of my gurlfriends (Thank you, Bemz!), I finally took matters into my own hands.  Much as I wanted to say, “One way plane ticket to India, please,”  I collected my wits and where goodlooking men are concerned, there’s always a researcher within… Sorry gurls, he’s of Italian descent and he’s in Brazil.  What else, hmm, oh he’s taken, and she’s 24 years older than him!Reynaldo

Reynaldo Gianecchini: Profile

All the information below was gathered from various sources online and translated by Hussy!, who regrets any errors.

Name: Reynaldo Cisoto Gianecchini Júnior
Nickname: Rey or Giane
Birthday: November 12, 1972
Place of birth: Birigüi (São Paulo)
Place of residence: He and Mar�a Gabriela have two apartments, one in São Paulo and another in Rio de Janeiro.
Height: 1.86 meters
Weight: usually listed as 80 kilos
Size: 42 Shirt: P,M Foot: 40

He is descended from Italians on his father’s side.
Mother: Heloísa Helena, a retired teacher
Father: Reynaldo (Sr.), a chemistry professor
Sisters: Cláudia and Roberta

Early Days — Modeling:
– Reynaldo Gianecchini started acting the age of 6, on the stage of his school in Birigüi, São Paulo.
– He graduated with a degree in law from the Pontifica Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP) in 1997, but he has never practiced law.
– His dream of becoming an actor was delayed by his modeling career. He was a successful model for eight years. Two of those years he lived overseas, with a house in Paris, but all the while he was traveling to such cities as New York, London, Berlin, and Milan. He was unhappy, though, and decided to resume his pursuit of an acting career.
– In 2002, Giane was chosen to be the exclusive top model for Armani in Brazil, a position he apparently still holds to this date. (Maria Fernanda Candido, his co-star in Esperança, is the female equivalent for Armani).

Gabi and First Fame:
– While still modeling, he met and started dating journalist and television personality Marília Gabriela (“Gabi”) in July, 1998. His first brush of fame was as her boyfriend. Gossip hounds had fun with the fact that he’s 24 years younger than her, and speculated that he was with her only to help advance his acting carrer.
– He returned to Brazil and entered the acting company of José Celso Martinez, director of the Teatro Oficina (Theater Workshop). Under Martinez’s direction, Giane acted in two plays, and “Cacilda” and “Boca de Ouro”.
– In 2001, he had his first significant regular role in the telenovela, “Laços de Família”. He played “Edu”, a doctor who became involved with a woman played by actress Vera Fischer — another woman many years older than him. This led to some further gossip, especially when Giane and Vera Fischer travelled to Japan to film some scenes for “Laços”.
– After the end of “Laços”, he appeared in a play, “O Príncipe de Copacabana”, directed by Gerald Thomas. Although Giane has admitted that working with Thomas was difficult, this role bought him some of his first serious notices as an actor.
– Giane and Gabi’s relationship has survived all the gossip. In early 2003, rumors spread that they might finally marry sometime in May, 2003, but the rumors proved false, and Giane and Gabi are still unmarried.

Current Giane:
Giane has just finished the filming of his fourth telenovela, “Da Cor do Pecado”. He has no current projects lined up and is taking a rest. Rumors hint he might come to Los Angels for a couple of months in order to attend film classes and try his luck in Hollywood.


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