Single and more in love

Woman in evening dress sits at the table across Jude Law-ish guy in an elegant, dimly lit room.  He offers her a tiny velvet box, opening it to reveal a ring adorned with a solitary diamond the size of pea.  Typical proposal scene, you’d think.  Zoom in to her eyes; the pupils dilate.  She smiles.  She whips out something from her purse—her credit card—and hands it to the man, who then proceeds to document the sale, as two words flash across the screen all in caps.  LOVE YOURSELF.

Kudos to HSBC for this campaign.  In this age when consumerism is fueled by ads that guarantee the right hair texture, hair length, skin color, scent, and even the right brand of toothpaste will win you friendships and love, selling by the line of self-love is refreshing.  Liberating, even.

Indulging in my weekend caramel sundae, I feel giddy.  Suddenly in love, I languorously swirl the richness of fudge around my mouth.  Then I lick the remnants off my lips, slip on my forbidden stilettos, and raise my arm to hail a cab.

And I don’t have to tell anybody, except the cabbie, where I really want to go. =)


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